2017 i.Lab Companies

Babylon Micro-Farms, founded by Alexander Oleson (Col' 17) and Graham Smith (SEAS '18), designs high quality hydroponic systems that make urban farming seamlessly blend into peoples homes.  These micro-farms are complimented by an end-to-end service that provides all the necessary seeds, nutrients, and guidance allowing customers to effortlessly grow their own fresh fruits and vegetables.

Beanstalk Farming, founded by Jack Ross (SEAS ’17) and Michael Ross, is an agriculture technology company that produces scalable, automated, and sustainable vertical farms. Beanstalk farms are entirely contained, require no pesticides, and reduce water usage by 95%, all while being renewably powered.

Brandefy, founded by Meg Greenhalgh (Darden Class of '18), is a platform (app & website) that shows shoppers how the store brand and name brand compare, through ingredient analysis and product reviews, in order to save them time and money. 

CARAN, founded by Alissa Micciulla (MBA '17) and Frederica Tompkins, is an app and mobile optimized website that enables peer-to- peer clothing rental services for women, connecting lenders and borrowers of designer clothing. CARAN helps lenders monetize their closets and borrowers access fashion quickly, easily and at an affordable price. 

Exemplum Studios, founded by Atthar Mirza (ARCH ’17), Omar El-Sheikh (SEAS ‘19), Connor Anderson (SEAS ’20), Collin Hansen (SEAS ’19), and Claire Poumerol (Col ‘18), is a production house using new technology to tell real stories and move people into action. The studio’'s first project, Impossible Courage, takes advantage of the HTC Vive and Unreal Engine 4 to tell the stories of forcibly displaced people.

Finclub, Founded by Maximiliano A. Isa Pavía (MBA '17) and M. Gabriela Roberto Baró, FinClub is a platform that helps people in Argentina find the best credit by comparing benefits and costs of the products available in the credit market, considering user's preferences and credit history. Unlike current solutions in Argentina, FinClub not only provides a better user experience, but also aims to find the best credit for the underbanked people.

Gaona Granola, founded by Coco Sotelo, provides artisan granola in a variety of flavors. Gaona Granola's focus is to create handcrafted granola with the finest ingredients. They bake each batch slowly and carefully to perfection. 100% handmade; no preservatives; 100% non-GMO.

InMEDBio, founded by Ashwinraj Karthikeyan (SEAS ’18), is a safe, cost-effective, and comprehensive wound care dressing designed to prevent infection and accelerate the wound healing process of chronic wounds.  InMEDBio is focusing their efforts on diabetic foot ulcers, especially for populaces without access to adequate products or treatments to protect these wounds.

LLEEL3A, founded by Dr. Laura Lee (MBA '03) and Alexander Stronko (SEAS ’09), offers the Easy2turn product which reduces caregiver strain and injury during turning, cleaning, and repositioning of immobile patients. The Easy2turn aims to be the most efficient, affordable, and easily-operated patient turning product in the healthcare market."

M.I.N.D. Pharmaceuticals, founded by UVA faculty member Jiang He, PhD, is developing new medicine based on natural biological nanoparticles for disease treatment, non-invasive diagnostics for early detection, as well as next generation of skincare/beauty products.

Myriad Data, founded by Ruben Aghayan  (SEAS '16), Matt Shandy  (Law '16) and Jim Finnerty  (MBA '17), uses unique data configurations on cloud platforms to achieve greater security, improved availability, and vendor control for business critical data in the cloud.

NATURxA, founded by Ali C. Barta (Darden Class of '18 and Batten School of Leadership & Public Policy Class of '18), is an alternative medicine company that offers safe and effective traditional remedies as a first line of defense against modern ailments.  

Neo, founded by Vijay George (SEAS 17’), develops a personalized platform for educators, creatives, teams, and individuals to enhance their online productivity. Neo’s first product, Aurora, allows users to save and share internet content with their social and professional circles all in a seamless unified workspace. 

PAKA, founded by Kris Cody (Col '19), is an alpaca wool apparel company based out of Cusco, Peru, serving to empower Peruvian women weavers.

Pivot, founded by Brig Leland and April Palmer, is a revolutionary fitness membership with hundreds of workout offerings at the best specialty gyms across Charlottesville. Pivot members experience on-demand fitness at exclusive class pricing without the hassle of monthly fees or prepaid classes. Pivot supports its small-business, partner gyms with yield management and demand generation marketing services that provide new revenue and client referral sources. Pivot plans to expand its network to other tertiary markets in 2017.

Rise 4 REAL Change, founded by Bryan Christ (Col '19) and Gina Christ, is a college guidance program that promotes the development of individual college/workforce readiness skills as well as employs a unique, innovative team mentoring model that connects college, high school and elementary school students in both the private and public school sectors.  Rise focuses on enhancing the lives of youth, leading education reform and strengthening communities through intentional, purposeful and youth driven service. 

Rohvi, founded by Sara Whiffen, Beth Crooker, and Greer Johnson is a technology platform that enables brick and mortar retail stores to take advantage of trends in online shopping.  For example, using Rohvi, stores are able to offer extended wear and return programs.  Their shoppers can buy, wear, and return their items for store credit when they're done using them.

TETNOVA, founded by Eric Tetlow (Col '17), is a startup developing real world solutions for in-vivo research. With the application of deep learning, they hope to revolutionize research and bring clinical trials to market quicker than before.

The Kitchen Network (TKN), founded by Ian Pasquarelli, is a company focused on helping food business entrepreneurs overcome financial barriers by connecting them with commercial kitchen rentals in their community. Through utilization of the shared-use economy, TKN creates a synergistic approach to fostering sustainable local food business systems. 

Thrive Partners, founded by Craig Van Bremen (EMBA Class of '18) and Dr. Adam Hastings (Curry '16), connects high-caliber employees with small-sized firms by matching cultural and motivational values of employees and employers.  Leveraging Industrial Organizational Psychology, Career Pathway development expertise, and data analysis, they create best-fit relationships to ensure successful employment matching, on-boarding, and long-term success. 

TuneCat, founded by Miles Pearce, is a mission-driven music company dedicated to helping working musicians build a rewarding and sustainable career. TuneCat is currently developing a multi-city events calendar for discovering great live music near you. 

Stream Sense Medical, founded by Cheng Yang (Col '17), Long Di (SEAS ’16), and Longze Chen (SEAS ’15), provides an innovative at-home urine test device for long-term health monitoring with no requirement for the manual urine collection and colorimetric procedure. Their vision is to invent a device to help decreasing the risk for chronic diseases (kidney stone and diabetes) by discovering them at the early stage, and make the product an effective tool for a better communication between customers and doctors.