i.Lab X

i.LabX is a multi-school graduate education program that guides promising technology through the innovation pipeline using a structured, team-based process. The program teaches students the interdisciplinary process of developing high-impact technology (i.e. >10x outcomes), with promising R&D outcomes that may form the basis of a new company, product, or licensing agreement.

Workshop 1

December 8, 2016

Technical Poster Session

The initial workshop is an opportunity for graduate students to present technology and seek feedback from MBA students and industry mentors. Presenting students should be prepared to discuss the technical novelty of their work and potential commercial applications.

Workshop 2

February 15, 2017


Market Presentations

The next i.LabX event gives MBA students the opportunity to pick technical projects to make a compelling case for commercial opportunities. The MBA may combine the technologies or propose pairing a technology with a non-UVA-related product used in industry. A reception will follow where engineering students and attendees can discuss the reports with the presenting MBA student(s).

Workshop 3



Team Pitch to Panel

The final workshop is a joint presentation between MBA and graduate students collaborating product-market alignment. A panel consisting of industry experts and mentors will provide constructive feedback and choose teams for a grant to develop the product and validate the market. The winning team(s) also can join the i.Lab summer accelerator program, where they receive legal support and entrepreneurial training.