Apply with i.Lab and startup ventures

Apply for exciting jobs with the i.Lab and startup companies in our incubator and summer accelerator (no idea required)! More than 40 companies participate annually in our summer program, with over half of the ventures working full-time at our 9,000 sq ft facility. The number and variety of opportunities to join ventures continues to grow with each accelerator program session. By joining the i.Lab team, you help UVa and our local community. You also gain first-hand knowledge about how startups thrive and gain access to our online portal, which includes forums for current and alumni ventures, mentors, and staff.

After applying, we will post your availability on our virtual i.Lab site, where ventures can contact you directly. You may hear from a venture within days, or if there is not a current need, you may not hear from a venture at all. If you are interested in working directly for the i.Lab, we currently have a limited number of opportunities, though we will thoughtfully consider any proposed project or research that will benefit the i.Lab and its ventures. Please include within your application any proposal within the motivation section.


Jobs Application